Adventure Travel

Camp Stonewall offers 3 adventure travel trips annually, called S.W.A.T. trips. The philosophy is simple: StoneWall Adventure Team tries things we couldn't enjoy on our campus. They tackle roller coasters, white water rafting, escape rooms, professional baseball, zoos, bowling, laser tag, and more. Participants get exposure to American culture; they enjoy age-appropriate physical challenges alongside the safety of professionals; they try things they may never have tried in other contexts (without the healthy, positive peer pressure of camp!).

The adventure travel component at Camp Stonewall is purposefully a la carte. Participants who wish to attend SWAT can add it to their session; those who would rather not go have the option to head home for the weekend instead!  All campers - aged 7 to 15 - can attend SWAT.

The travel ratio of staff to campers is approximately 1:5. Fees for S.W.A.T. are all-inclusive. Campers stay 3-4 per room in S.W.A.T. hotels.

And what happens on non-S.W.A.T. weekends? We still hit the road! Saturdays at Camp Stonewall include a trip to the Rhode Island shore, where we play in the ocean at Watch Hill's Carousel Beach.

S.W.A.T Trips 2020