Camp Stonewall is a truly diverse experience. But what exactly does that feel like on a day-to-day basis? Here are some ways diversity plays a role in camp life.

  • Counselor bunk groups (5-7 staff) have an average of 50% international counselors.

  • Campers typically have at least one roommate from another country - even at as young as grade 2!
  • Participants speak many different languages. We work hard to foster an English-speaking environment. Our staff role model this behavior with English-only use.
  • Thursday night dances feature popular dance music from the US, as well as from Mexico, Japan, Ireland, and more!
  • Camp discourages campers from bringing expensive clothes and electronics. Regardless of socioeconomic background, participants are here to have fun and be themselves!
  • Generally, daily activities include all ages/genders. When we have kids particularly talented or experienced in a certain activity area, we customize "advanced" period options (in music, sports, etc.).
  • Many of our campers have been to overnight camp - and Camp Stonewall! - before. But in any given week, 25-40% of campers are brand new!
  • The majority of our campers stay for 2+ weeks at a time. But we see one-week campers every session, too!
  • Some CSW campers like to call home every night. Others stay with us all summer and "no news is good news!" Campers can decide for themselves, with family, whether they'd like to stay in touch daily.

Camp Stonewall is extremely proud of its population that is globally, racially, socioeconomically, politically, and experientially diverse. For families considering CSW for the first time, know that this diversity would be a feature of your child's experience.