Welcome to Camp Stonewall!

We are a co-ed sleepaway camp nestled on the Marianapolis Prep School campus. We offer 45+ daily activities in athletics, drama, music, dance, and visual arts. Our community values promote character, resilience, independence, and inclusion among all of our campers and staff.

CSW serves kids between the ages of 7 and 15. In addition to attracting campers and staff from the United States, our participants also come from around the globe for sessions of 1-7 weeks. This diverse community experience empowers every camper to learn more about their world - from right here at camp. No matter what program you choose, everyone lives in the comfort of Marianapolis' independent school dorms. Campers are grouped by age and live right down the hall from their counselors. We believe that this comfortable, nurturing environment allows kids to adapt quickly to being away from home so they can take full advantage of the freedom and responsibilities fostered at sleepaway camp.

When it comes to activities, it's totally up to the kids! Each camper chooses what he or she wants to do every day. Whether it's kayaking, friendship bracelets, improv, hip hop, baseball, or gymnastics, our kids get to try it all. In the evenings, the whole camp comes together for unforgettable special events and activities. Stonewall staff encourages each child to try new things in the spirit of creativity and healthy competition.

We invite you to explore the site and find out more about this fantastic summer opportunity. Welcome!

Warm regards,

Cody Kleinman
Interim Director


Email: campstonewall@marianapolis.org
Phone: 860-326-2127