I was standing on a picnic table at our assembly area when I proclaimed these three words for the first time. It was Tuesday of Camp Stonewall’s fourth week of camp and we had never had a Week Four Tuesday before. This was uncharted territory! We were barely four weeks old – who knew what lay ahead of us? No one, not even I, knew that this phrase would forever change the trajectory, and yes, the history of Camp Stonewall. Every day during the summer, we had the opportunity to make history and that included celebrating the first ever “Week 4 Tuesday” in Camp Stonewall’s history.

Camp Stonewall is a co-ed sleepaway camp that resides in the campus of Marianapolis Preparatory School. We are a choice-based program where campers get to “make history” in everything they do every day. Kids can learn a new sport or refine their skills in their favorite athletic activity. They can discover their artistic skills and unleash unlimited creativity in the world of visual arts. Maybe they want to step into our blackbox theater to sing karaoke, play guitar for the first time or work on a hip-hop dance routine. With 40+ activities offered each day; no two days are ever the same! Our campers have the freedom to decide how they want to make history during their time with us. Every night, the entire camp comes together for special events that end the day in memorable fashion. These activities range from weekly camp dances with DJ Steve, casino night, water carnival, weekly color wars competition and so much more!

CSW’s community values promote character, resilience, independence and inclusion among all of our campers and staff. Our campers are between the ages of 7 and 15 and come from all over the world along with our staff! Participants can join us for 1-7 weeks where they will be immersed in the diverse community while living in the comforts of Marianapolis’ school dorms. Campers are divided by age groups and live on the same hallway or floor as their counselors. Our kids quickly learn about being a part of their bunk group and the camp community while feeling safe and supported away from home. This blend within our comforting environment allows everyone to be who they want to be at Camp Stonewall!

As we continue to embrace the spirit of making history at Camp Stonewall, we look forward to welcoming you to add your unique story to our ever-evolving narrative while creating unforgettable memories and experiences together. Here’s to future summers, where countless more “first-evers” await us as we shape the history of Camp Stonewall every single day.


Warm regards,

Cody Kleinman


Email: campstonewall@marianapolis.org
Phone: 860-326-2127