International Staff


We are proud to partner with Camp USA InterExchange and Camp America for the recruitment of our new international staff. Our philosophy is the same: American overnight camp is a unique, life-changing opportunity for kids and adults to engage in cultural exchange. To learn about the world, right here in our own backyard, is a tremendous privilege that we enthusiastically share with our CSW participants - and the staff we hire.

What does this mean for CSW campers? It means your child may learn how to break dance from a young man native to the Czech Republic. They may practice watercolor painting alongside an artist from Estonia. They may try judo with an experienced competitor from the Netherlands. They may memorize camp songs (in multiple languages!) taught by a counselor from Bolivia.

Our international counselors are also uniquely positioned to support campers - American or international - who are a long way from home! Our staff can empathize with the challenges that sudden distance can pose, and empower CSW participants to overcome any obstacles with grit and enthusiasm!

If you are interested in joining our staff as a first-time CSW counselor from abroad, please click on the InterExchange or Camp America logo below to learn more about the application process!