We'll say it: we have the BEST camp staff on the planet. How do we know?  Because we scour the globe every year for the most talented, enthusiastic, committed youth development professionals in the world.

Working at overnight camp is unlike working in any other industry. Camp staff are held to incredibly high standards 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are charged with creating a fun, dynamic, high-energy, engaging environment for campers – all the while, making it look easy. Staff must place their individual needs and desires second, prioritizing instead the needs of the kids and the camp. It is a commitment to a program, to a philosophy, and to a group of people much larger than oneself.

Working at camp is also, arguably, the most fun work you could ever do! Employment at camp is collaborative, it is energizing, and it is empowering. The time spent at camp can be some of the most memorable of one’s lifetime. Friendships forged in the camp context – among campers and staff alike – happen quickly and endure indefinitely.

Staff roles are those to which one should apply only if the description above sounds inviting, exciting, and rewarding. We welcome adults (18+) from the USA to apply here. Those looking to apply internationally should click here. And young adults aged 16-17 may learn more about our internship here.

There isn’t a day in which I don’t go through all my camp pictures; I smile thinking about each moment. It was the best summer. The kids are beyond amazing. I didn’t expect my experience to be so good: nurturing and full of campers and co-workers that feel like family since day one. I think that is my favorite part about Camp Stonewall, that family environment. To feel so comfortable in a new place, far away from home, surrounded by strangers? Definitely home away from home. It makes everything easier and allows me to be my real self. Camp Stonewall has been my dream come true. I will always think of it like that.

-Ceci ’22, Argentina

Summer at CSW is the ultimate experience because life is exactly as it should be. Everyone is busy doing activities they love; people are collaborative, considerate and willing to adapt; the weather is warm and campus is beautiful; your co-counselors are some of your closest friends. You will meet staff and campers from across the world and you will never forget them. This may be the most intense job you've ever had. BUT the magic is that you are rewarded with an experience just as incredible as the work you put in. You'll only regret the things you didn't do.

-Emily '12, USA

The best decision of my life was to work at Camp Stonewall. I had an amazing three summers and loved every last minute of it. It seemed like a good chance to work during the summer and see as much of America as possible, but man, it is so much more than that! The kids and camp staff make you feel so at home that you never want to leave. I can't explain what this camp has done for me. The staff bawl their eyes out on that last day and never want to leave. You can’t waste a single second of it!

Aidan ’15-’17, Scotland

I chose Camp Stonewall because I wanted to find many new friends from the around world and learn about their cultures. Camp changed my view on meeting new friends, traveling, and spending the summer working hard. Being a camp counselor is the best experience ever.

-Dan ’16, Czech Republic

I decided to work at Camp Stonewall because I felt like I had skills and culture I could share with the kids. Working at CSW meant being part of a safe place for children. I had no idea how much a kid can love camp and miss it the whole year; the impact that those 7 weeks have is huge! Counselors are a vital part of Camp Stonewall; it is being a leader, a role model, a friend that kids really need. And it prepares you for life; it has a huge impact. The teamwork, putting the others first, and focusing on leadership has helped me in ways that I will always be thankful for.

-Cesia ’15, Bolivia

I had never been to summer camp as a kid, but being a counselor was amazing. Sharing languages and life experiences made CSW an eye opening and incredible place to be. CSW is a continuous learning environment that fosters not only individual growth but growth as a community and team. If I could go back and do it again, I would in a heartbeat.

-James ’12-14, USA

I had no idea summer camp would be so fun! Everyone at CSW makes camp feel like home and family. I was nervous going to a new country, but CSW made it the easiest and most enjoyable time ever. It was hands down the best two months of my life. I have found my passion of working with kids and have turned it into my career since camp Stonewall.

Jani ’17, New Zealand

I worked at CSW because I love working with children. They instill joy, peace, and love all at the same time. Being a counselor means being the highlight of a child’s summer, giving them the confidence to try new things in a warm and loving environment.

-Paul ’17, Ireland

CSW is the best summer of your life. You may travel miles to get there, may become exhausted or overwhelmed, but trust me: these 7 weeks are life-changing. I loved it so much that I returned for a second summer and the memories and friendships I’ve made I know will last a lifetime. Campers are a burst of life on campus, and they always end up teaching you something new! Aside from awesome activities, Camp Stonewall has some of the best special events! From dances to water carnival and colour wars – these are some of the most fun moments of the summer. Make History!

-Kirsty ’13-'14, Scotland

To me, being a camp counselor means being a role model for a lot of kids while also making sure they have the best summer of their lives. Each child needs to have the best time possible, and that is up to you. The Camp Stonewall experience does so much. I've gotten jobs and opportunities since CSW because I was a camp counselor, and people understand what that means: leadership, communication, and working as part of a team.

-Garrett '13-'16, USA