We'll say it: we have the BEST camp staff on the planet. How do we know?  Because we scour the globe every year for the most talented, enthusiastic, committed youth development professionals in the world.

Working at overnight camp is unlike working in any other industry. Camp staff are held to incredibly high standards 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are charged with creating a fun, dynamic, high-energy, engaging environment for campers – all the while, making it look easy. Staff must place their individual needs and desires second, prioritizing instead the needs of the kids and the camp. It is a commitment to a program, to a philosophy, and to a group of people much larger than oneself.

Working at camp is also, arguably, the most fun work you could ever do! Employment at camp is collaborative, it is energizing, and it is empowering. The time spent at camp can be some of the most memorable of one’s lifetime. Friendships forged in the camp context – among campers and staff alike – happen quickly and endure indefinitely.

Staff roles are those to which one should apply only if the description above sounds inviting, exciting, and rewarding. We welcome adults (18+) from the USA to apply here. Those looking to apply internationally should click here. And young adults aged 16-17 may learn more about our internship here.