Color Campaign

This winter, the entire Camp Stonewall community is invited to support the experience of current and future campers. We believe that sleepaway camp is a life-changing opportunity that can – and should – be available to as many young people as possible! We have always welcomed donations toward camper tuition, but this year, we’re building out the most exciting campership process ever: March Madness!

From March 10 to March 30, 2020, we will be tracking all donations made towards camperships for 2020 Crimson, White, and Golden Knights. We will be assessing the number of unique donations accumulated towards each team. When donations have been counted after March 30, each color team will START the summer with a point per unique donation! See FAQs for more! Thank you in advance for your generosity towards campers at CSW!



Q: Can one family donate to multiple teams?
Absolutely. Donations may be made from an individual to multiple color teams (for example: a parent of multiple campers could split a donation between 2 or 3 teams). Each of these would count as a “unique donation.”

Q: Can I donate multiple times, in small denominations, to contribute more points to the same team?
You can, but it won’t count as unique donations.  The donation form will ask for email and card number; we will be able to determine when points should and should not be allocated.

Q: What if I ask my extended family (grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, etc) to donate to my team?
Awesome! MANY people can donate in the “name of” the same camper, towards their team, and each of those people can count as a unique donation. That’s just more amazing people that care about you AND camp!

Q: Can I donate after March 30?
Of course. Our “point counting” will simply run during that period. We welcome support for our exceptional campers all year-round.

Q: Can camperships go to returning campers? New campers? Both?
Yes! We’ll share the process by which families – new or returning - can be considered for campership support in early April, and allocate awards by May 1.

Q: Will campership dollars be allocated by color team totals?
No. We will “spread the wealth” among all constituencies; the only thing that “counts” separately is points per team for the start of 2020.