Visa Information

Which Visa to Get

For campers who must acquire a visa in order to travel to the United States, please be advised that you should seek a Pleasure/Tourism Visitor Visa, otherwise known as a (B-2) visa. Once registration and payment are completed, the director can provide documentation verifying participant involvement in the program.

For comprehensive information on the B-2 visa and the acquisition procedure, please click here.

Visa Waivers

International families must pay close attention to the visa parameters for travel from their home country to the United States. Many campers find they will be traveling from countries that are eligible for the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). The comprehensive list of countries includes:

 Andorra  Hungary  Norway
 Australia  Iceland  Portugal
 Austria  Ireland   San Marino
 Belgium  Italy   Singapore
 Brunei  Japan   Slovakia
 Chile  Latvia  Slovenia
 Czech Republic   Liechtenstein  South Korea
 Denmark  Lithuania  Spain
 Estonia  Luxembourg  Sweden
 Finland   Malta  Switzerland
 France  Monaco  Taiwan
 Germany  Netherlands  United Kingdom 
 Greece  New Zealand  

For more information on qualifications for the VWP and travel procedures from those countries, please visit these sites:

Quick Guide to the Visa Waiver Program

Visa Waiver Program Overview

Additional Visa Waiver Details

Please do not hesitate to contact the camp director with questions about the international traveling process.



Campers attending Camp Stonewall should arrange to fly into Boston's Logan Airport; transportation to/from Logan is included in international camper fees. CSW does not offer transportation services to/from any other airport. Campers may arrange arrival/departure from airports other than Logan Airport if an adult is transporting the camper to/from CSW independently.

Flight Times

CSW understands that international flight times vary widely. Ideally, flight arrivals and departures will happen after 08:00 and before 22:00. Please confirm flight details with the director before booking.

Unaccompanied Minor Service

Camp Stonewall is happy to provide unaccompanied minor chaperones for participants traveling alone. It is critical that families/consultants indicate the need for this service at the time of flight booking, and understand that it may take a few days to confirm the UM chaperone many months in advance.

Traveler's Insurance

Campers are not required to get traveler's insurance, but it is strongly recommended that they do so. We refer all inquiries as to which plan is best to the family and country of origin.



We recommend that participants - American or international - do not bring to Camp Stonewall any items that are valuable or irreplaceable.

However, some items are extremely valuable and must be brought with campers, such as passports, visas, plane tickets, and pocket money. Items in this category can and should be kept with the directors in the CSW vault. Campers' documents and spending money can be returned to them at any and all intervals during their stay. Camp Stonewall is not responsible for the loss or damage to valuables, including cash, if campers/families choose not to store them in the camp vault.