Will my child attend academic classes at Camp Stonewall?
No. All campers participate in activities (athletics, visual arts, performing arts) as well as meals, team building, and residential programming to practice their English.

Will my child receive grades at Camp Stonewall?
No. The Camp Stonewall program is non-evaluative.

How can my child’s English improve if he or she is not studying?
ISL campers spend their time participating. A huge obstacle faced by non-native English speakers is having the confidence and comfort to practice speaking with peers. Here, they do it all day, every day.

Instead of focusing on individual study to achieve a certain grade, our campers learn English through constant interaction with American adults and peers. There is no way to “hide” from practicing English at camp. Campers engage in English practice constantly.

Will Camp Stonewall improve my child’s English?
Yes. Campers are immersed in the English language 100% of the time. Campers who have participated in the ISL program emerged with tremendous growth in vocabulary, fluency, and ability.