English Use

English is the common language at Camp Stonewall. Participants at Camp Stonewall are expected to engage in English practice for the duration of their stay. It's how campers and staff from all over the world can build lasting relationships in such a short period of time! Our entire community is strengthened by each person's participation. Everyone - bunk counselors, activity counselors, head counselors, and directors - works together to ensure international participants commit fully to the expectations of English use at camp.

If a camper chooses not to practice English, that same team of caring, dedicated adults will offer consistent reminders of our Common Language Policy. Should a child require 1:1 meetings with camp administrative staff, and/or communication with home (agents/chaperones/family) regarding English use, we will use those resources. Although CSW is not academic in nature, each child's attempts at English use reflect their respect of the program and those adults in America and abroad who help to facilitate this learning opportunity. Ultimately, our most successful participants are those who embrace the challenge - and rewards! of non-native language practice.