2019 International Dates & Fees

Included in the International Summer Learner's (ISL) tuition are all meals, all activities, all accommodations, any day trips taken off campus, and StoneWall Adventure Team trips. 

Additionally, camp provides transportation free of cost from Boston's Logan Airport. Airfare is not included in the tuition fee. 
Transportation is provided from airports other than Logan Airport for a fee of $450.

Please do not register for camp as an international camper without emailing the director first to confirm availability. If you have spoken with Emily and are ready to proceed with enrollment, please click here.


Camp operates from June 23-August 9, 2019. Camp sessions begin on Sunday evenings (3:30PM) and end on Fridays or Sundays. All travel dates and details should be coordinated with the director before purchases of tickets are finalized.

1 Week: $1000
2 Weeks: $2000
3 Weeks: $3000
4 Weeks: $4000
5 Weeks: $5000
6 Weeks: $6000
7 Weeks: $7000

S.W.A.T. adventure travel trips are included in weekly pricing.