Camper Information

Campers are housed by the grade they are entering AFTER camp. Please make sure the grade selected is correct.

I wish my child to be in the same bunk group as:

*Campers may request ONE friend as a roommate. It is understood that in order for the request to be honored, the children are the same gender, going into the same grade (or bunk group), the request is mutual, and the dates of enrollment are the same. More than one friend request cannot be honored.

Parent Information

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Camp Session Selection

Tuition includes meals, snacks, housing, program materials, camp t-shirt, day trips, and all activities. Tipping of staff is NOT permitted.

Parent/guardian acknowledges that camper registration is not complete until flight details have been submitted to the Director and approved.

Terms and Conditions (please read carefully)

Parent/guardian agrees that his/her initials below indicate permission for the camper to attend Camp Stonewall during the 2019 camp season and to participate in all camp activities.
Parent/guardian understands that some camp activities may require that campers be transported to locations other than the primary camp site (eg: swimming, kayaking, gymnastics, etc.), and hereby gives permission for the camper to attend each of these activities if chosen/applicable.
Parent/guardian understands that S.W.A.T. trips are overnight, typically out-of-state trips that include a hotel stay and if a S.W.A.T. trip is chosen above, hereby give their permission for the child to attend.
Camp Stonewall has a Common Language Policy, requiring the use/practice of English. Non-native English speakers are expected to practice English throughout their stay at camp. Participants who receive frequent requests from staff to terminate the use of their native language and resume use of English may jeopardize their ability to remain in the program.
By signing below, the Parent/Guardian acknowledges that the Camp has the right to dismiss (without any refund) a camper whose conduct or influence is, in the opinion of the Camp, unsatisfactory, unsafe, or detrimental to the best interests of the Camp.

Additional Terms

1. Requests to change the weeks of attendance or lengthen a camper’s stay will be granted only if space is available. There is no refund for shortening a camper’s stay if the request is received after April 15, 2019; all outstanding tuition payments are due by June 1, 2019 .

2. It is the policy of Camp Stonewall that campers are not allowed to leave camp due to homesickness or minor illness. Upon enrolling in Camp Stonewall, families acknowledge that they understand and will abide by this policy. If a child is removed from camp due to homesickness or minor illness, the child will not be allowed to return to camp during that session and no refund for his/her missed dates will be issued. Families enrolled in a multiple-week session may opt to change their enrollment to one-week sessions (including adjusted tuition cost) and the child may return home for the weekend.

3. No financial allowance (refund, credit or other) is made for missed days at camp.

4. The Camp is not responsible for loss or damage of any personal belongings of any kind while the camper is at Camp.

5. In case of any emergency, the Camp will attempt to contact the parents/guardians. If the Camp is unable to establish contact, Camp has the permission of the parents/guardians to assume full responsibility for, and make all decisions concerning, the camper including, but not limited to, authorizing first aid and emergency medical treatment on the camper. Medical expenses outside of the Camp Health Office are the responsibility of the camper’s parents/guardians.

6. The camper is not allowed to attend Camp without a fully completed and signed medical form and any other forms that the Camp requests to be completed. A completed medical form includes a health and immunization history signed by a parent and a physician within 36 months of camp attendance, a health examination form signed by a physician within 36 months of camp, and individualized standing orders for prescription and over the counter medications.

7. Parents/guardians hereby consent to the reproduction and use of camper’s photograph, image or likeness for the purpose of promoting or advertising Camp Stonewall.

8. Parent/guardian acknowledges and agrees that his/her signature below represents that he/she has authority to enter into this contract, and assumes responsibility hereunder.


1. 25% deposit is due by March 15, 2019. All tuition and fees must be paid by June 1, 2019, unless an alternative payment plan has been agreed to in writing by the Camp Director.

2. It is understood that Camp reserves the right not to admit any camper to Camp if all tuition fees are not paid in full prior to June 1, 2019.

3. If notification of cancelled enrollment or reduced length of stay is received by April 15, 2019, Camp Stonewall will annul the registration agreement forgive the outstanding balance. After April 15, there will be no refunds on deposits extended, and any registrations without an accompanying deposits will be canceled. By signing this contract, the parent/guardian also acknowledges understanding that if withdrawal or shortened stay occurs after June 1, 2019, all outstanding tuition will be due regardless of whether or not a child attends camp. Refunds are not given for early withdrawal from camp, including withdrawal due to camper or parent “homesickness.”



A non-refundable deposit (25% of tuition) is due April 15, 2019. The remaining balance is due in full June 1, 2019.

Alternative payment plans must be coordinated with and agreed to by the Director in writing.

By signing your name below, you agree to enroll the child listed above in Camp Stonewall for the 2019 session selected. You have read in its entirety and agree to the "Terms and Conditions" of this registration form.

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