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All staff live with a certain age group of campers. Please RANK your preferences of which campers you would like to work with below.

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Please attach copies of relevant certifications you currently hold (First Aid, CPR, Lifeguarding, Swim Instruction, Archery, Low Ropes, Gymnastics, Kayaking):
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Please list 3 references with whom we can speak about your application. Include each reference’s name, email address, and phone number below. References should NOT be relatives; they may be previous employers, teachers, supervisors, etc. Our preference is for persons who have seen you work with children.

If you have attended Camp Stonewall before, at least one of these references should be a Camp Stonewall counselor (NOT director) or a Marianapolis teacher.

If you attend Marianapolis but have not attended Camp Stonewall before, at least one of these references should be a Marianapolis teacher.

Please have each of your references email a letter of recommendation on your behalf to campstonewall@marianapolis.org.

Application Questions

Please answer the questions below thoughtfully and thoroughly.

By checking "I understand" below, I acknowledge that participation in the full Staff Orientation Week (June 20-28) is required for all new part-time and full-time interns. Attendance is excused during this mandatory training week for day(s) of school still in session, and distance (for late-summer, part-time international interns only). Any other conflicts with staff training must be approved by Emily before an employment agreement is submitted, should a role on staff be offered. Any changes to staff training availability disclosed after a contract submission may render an existing contract void, at the discretion of the directors.

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