COVID-19 Protocols

We know camp must look different in 2021 than it has in summers past. Our priority and commitment is the health and safety of every child in our care. While changes are likely to occur before Week 1, here are the elements we believe will be central to the CSW experience this summer: 


Masking: Campers will be expected to wear masks at most times indoors on site. Whenever safe and possible, we will facilitate mask breaks for campers. Current guidance suggests masks will not be required for most outdoor activities, events, and casual play. 

Limits: Activities that are indoor or require closer personal proximity will have limits on how many campers may participate.

Meals: Meals will be prepared by SAGE dining services, which has effectively met the needs of the Marianapolis in-person school community since August 2020. The SAGE team will serve participants as they walk through a buffet line of main/hot entrees. Additional options (including fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, cereals, etc.) will be available as grab-and-go options at each meal.

Hand sanitization: Hand sanitizing and hand washing stations are established throughout campus. As activities make their way to all corners of our site this summer, mobile hand sanitization stations will pop up alongside activities. The practice of hand cleaning will be incorporated throughout the daily schedule. 

Testing: COVID testing will be expected for kids prior to arrival. We anticipate that this will include a negative test from 72 hours prior to arrival, a quarantine period at home until move-in day, and rapid testing day-of. While the precise protocols may shift as summer gets underway, it is safe to say no child will be allowed to participate without negative test results. For this reason, we will anticipate no coming or going from site (eg: for a doctor's appointment) during a camper's session.

Positive case: In the event that a child tests positive (and/or is determined to be a close contact based on official contact tracing protocols), the camper must be picked up from CSW within 24 hours (domestic) or 72 hours (international). In the intervening hours, the camper would be quarantined on site, brought meals, provided access to entertainment, etc; belongings would be collected from the camper room on behalf of the impacted individual.  

Vaccination: We are working hard to ensure all staff have access to vaccines prior to the arrival of kids on site. This element is vital to ensure our adults are modeling maximum safety and care for our participants. 

Housing: Campers will be housed in rooms that allow social distancing to be maintained. In the majority of cases, this will mean 2 children per room. The exception to this will be rooms of 3 based on, for example, odd numbers in the group; we do not anticipate we will see our normal grouping of 3-6 per room.

Training: CSW staff will undergo significant training for the support of kids who may not have been in consistent, robust social settings for some time. Leadership staff are taking advantage of mental health first aider certification, while all staff will access resources to equip them to meet this critical moment in kids' lives with poise, empathy, and enthusiasm.